About Us

Serving the South Okanagan

Sun Valley Management is a Construction Consultation Company that leverages years of construction,

operations and project management experience and offers them in a broad package to a variety of clients.

Beyond construction, Sun Valley Management has experience managing projects across multiple industry verticals.

We pride ourselves on our customers' satisfaction by delivering the best solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Consulting Services Available

• Assistance for homeowners in all areas of residential construction

• Guidance during initial construction planning stages

• Researching zoning, variance and permit requirements

• Coordinating with architect, owner and builder

• Estimating and setting up a construction budget

• Making sure that the architect’s plans are ready for submission to the building department and are within the client’s budget

• Consultation at the beginning of the building process

• Help with the process of obtaining building permits

• Negotiating with banks, suppliers, subcontractors and insurance companies

• Offering creative building solutions during the construction process

• Overseeing the project from start to finish

• Coordination between clients, architects and contractors

• Setting up time schedules

• Answering questions at each stage of construction

• Inspecting in-progress work

• Approving payments to subcontractors and suppliers

• Assisting with materials purchases

• Help with passing final inspections and obtaining a certificate of occupancy